Terms and Conditions

When reserving online you will only pay for the rental of the bike, upon picking up the bikes you are required to leave a €50 cash deposit per bike, as well as one physical ID per ten bikesWhen you return the bike(s) you will get back both your deposit(s) and ID. 


While Amsterdam is one of the safest places in the world, bikes are often stolen when we're not careful. Which is why we offer an insurance so you can worry less, and enjoy more!

The insurance is €1,50 for 2 Hours, €2 for 4-6 Hours, and €3 per day.

  • Should you lose the bike with insurance, you must still have the keys as proof that you did lock the bike. You will pay only €50 for the bike.
  • Should you lose the bike without insurance, you will have to pay the full price for the bike which is €600.


Should time get ahead of you and you're just not quite ready to part with your bike, do not worry! Simply let us know, and you can pay the difference upon return.


Should you wish to rent a bike for more than 2 weeks, that is possible! Rental per day will be €5. This option is not available online, so feel free to call, write or simply come down to the store so we can personally help you!